Now on linux-planet !

I’m really happy to be now aggregated on linux-planet !

I own two blogs : this one and one in french. My french blog is aggregated on planet-libre which is a quite known planet website, at least for the french-speaking linux community.

Planet-libre is a blog aggregator mostly oriented toward advanced users : technical tips, posts about distribution evolution, software installation and configuration tutorials… and there was no equivalent to planet-libre in english (or at least, planet-libre administrators have not found any).

That’s why linux-planet has just been launched ! There’s not many aggregated blogs currently, but I’m pretty sure it will grow very fast : planet-libre is already aggregating 235 blogs with more than 6000 articles (which are only french speaking !).

If you own or know someone owning a technical blog, think about aggregating it on linux-planet !


Some nice server installation howtos

I recently discovered a very nice site hosting a lot of interesting Howtos (mostly for servers configuration) : HowtoForge. You’ll even find a dedicated Mandriva section and a forum. Have a nice browsing…

Everything you always wanted to know about your IP address

Want to know if you’re blacklisted somewhere ? Want to know what could people find out, just by knowing your IP address ? Just curious ?

Check out ! (and for a good laugh, read the disclaimer)

Hardware4linux : more than 1500 systems reported and ranked based on their compatibility website has now reached 1500 reported Linux systems. It can now be considered as a serious user database which grows everyday and allows everyone to compare objectively support of its various peripherals with the other users.

All components of the system are inserted into the database and can both be ranked and commented so that you’re even able to give little tips like “my SD card reader isn’t working about of the box, but by using X or Y, it’s working perfectly”.

So don’t hesitate to :

For those interested, here’s my laptop configuration.

It’s possible as well to subscribe to the comments RSS feed.

Ah, one last word : try to be fair. Reporting something is working perfectly out-of-the-box (rank “5”) and then indicating in the comments that it doesn’t work, it’s giving wrong input to the database and it won’t help anyone…


Just a very small note about one website I’ve just discovered and one I already knew.

My new french blog

I’ve completed the creation of my new blog in french (which was rather easy thanks to wordpress import/export functions and the unlimited number of blogs). The link is

From now on, I’ll post only english articles in this blog and only french ones in the new one. I still don’t know if I’m gonna translate all articles I’m gonna write, so both blogs may look slightly different in terms of content.

The benefit of doing this is I’m still referenced on planetmandriva while I can now be referenced in and various french-only aggregations (like there may be on the mandriva wikik one day…). Moreover, my posts get more readable as french-speaking persons don’t have to scroll all the way down to access the french content.

It’s pity wordpress doesn’t support multi-lingual posts as other blog websites do, but it can easily be workarounded doing what I’ve just done.

Pay to get bugfixes ?

Yes, you’ve heard it : now you have to pay to get bugfixes… What I’m talking about ? Not Mandriva, of course, nor even linux ! I’m talking about Award, AMI and Phoenix, famous BIOS makers.
Most people know BIOS are generally buggy crappy pieces of code (even if I admit the job isn’t easy given space constrainst). So like in any piece of software, there are bugs.
If you seek help to update your BIOS, MOST pages on the internet will lead you to this page (who talked about google poisonning ?). Look at those smiling people on the upper right hand corner of the homepage : they’re all happy to have paid approx. 30$ to get a BIOS with less bugs and be able to run their shiny brand new version of MS Vista (why do people love to install crappy softs ? is it some kind of masochism for geeks ?)…
If you don’t believe it, you’ll probably end up like me : on google desperately seeking for free BIOS updates and reading this ton of posts from people selling BIOS updates themselves (they’ve bought it from the previously mentionned website…) I’m pretty sure people will start selling their second-hand BIOS updates on ebay sooner or later.
I was about to install linuxbios but remembered the computer I just wanted to upgrade was my girfriend’s and I wasn’t 100% sure about what problems I could have run into…
Finally, after googling around, I found some support from the motheboard vendor, but it was already late and I abandonned my quest for the bugfree BIOS. I’ll do it when I’ve more free time.