Now on linux-planet !

I’m really happy to be now aggregated on linux-planet !

I own two blogs : this one and one in french. My french blog is aggregated on planet-libre which is a quite known planet website, at least for the french-speaking linux community.

Planet-libre is a blog aggregator mostly oriented toward advanced users : technical tips, posts about distribution evolution, software installation and configuration tutorials… and there was no equivalent to planet-libre in english (or at least, planet-libre administrators have not found any).

That’s why linux-planet has just been launched ! There’s not many aggregated blogs currently, but I’m pretty sure it will grow very fast : planet-libre is already aggregating 235 blogs with more than 6000 articles (which are only french speaking !).

If you own or know someone owning a technical blog, think about aggregating it on linux-planet !


2 Responses to “Now on linux-planet !”

  1. Eugeni Says:

    It is a nice idea. The only problem is linux-planet’s captcha – I could not read it at all! I guess I am a bot :).

  2. Landing on Linux-Planet | Eugeni's blog Says:

    […] yoho’s post, I thought it would be a good idea to join the Linux Planet project. My blog (well.. at least […]

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