KDE 4.3.1 !

"About" dialog

"About" dialog

Helio striked once again 🙂 We now have official KDE versions before they are even announced (yes this link is broken at the time I’m writing, but it’s my guess for the announcement page) on kde website.

Many many thanks !

My biggest problem being now that I can’t tell (because I don’t know) the new features/bugfixes on this blog… 🙂


4 Responses to “KDE 4.3.1 !”

  1. Marek Laane Says:

    Well, changelog (which may be not complete truth, thoug…) can be obtained at http://www.kde.org/announcements/changelogs/changelog4_3_0to4_3_1.php

  2. Marek Laane Says:

    And now there is first draft of announcement, too!

  3. yoho Says:

    Yes 🙂 and I’m happy my guess at the URL was the good one.

  4. wobo Says:

    … and starting yesterday the 4.3.1 packages came streaming in to my cooker machine in crowds. Well done! I can’t remember seeing such a fast implementation of a new version.
    Kudos to all who were involved!

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