Using kernel 2.6.22 with Mandriva 2007.1 – part 1

I’ve just installed kernel- (coming from cooker) on my faithful system running Mandriva 2007.1.

To install it, I had to use the --nodeps switch and install it with rpm (using urpmi and –allow-nodeps may have lead to the same result) because of a conflict with drakxtools-backend < 10.4.140. The conflict is probably here due to MCC not handling something (modular ide ?), but I won’t use MCC to handle the kernel anyway.

I wanted to try the coretemp module included with 2.6.22 and well, it works but actually isn’t very useful to me at the moment.

I also hope 2.6.22 will solve the scheduler problem I have with virtualbox and my previous -tmb kernel, but I haven’t tested it yet.

Now comes the difficult part : wireless. I know the module name for my card is now iwl3945 (this module now uses the new wireless kernel stack and doesn’t require the ipw3945d daemon anymore) and 2007.1 doesn’t detect nor know anything about this module. So back to the old way of configuring the wireless network : no more GUI 🙂 I first had to install another cooker RPM : iwlwifi-3945-ucode-2.14.4-1mdv2008.0 containing the microcode for the wireless card which gets loaded by the module when it gets loaded itself. The driver loaded successfully but I ended up with two interfaces : eth2 and wlan0_rename… udev is responsible for this but the last time I modified udev network configuration I ended up with a completely unusable system, so I’ll have a look when I know more about udev and its scripts.

So this last difficulty brought me back to my old -tmb kernel (well, not so old : 2.6.21) because I need a wireless connection at home and at work. I’ll make a new post once my wireless network card has been configured successfully !


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