Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring CDs nearly out

2007 Spring CDs are now available to club members (a bit late, but Adam already explained the complexity of building a CD set compared to a single DVD). It means Mandriva Linux Free CDs are probably on the verge of being released.

So if you’re not a club member and don’t own a DVD drive, just hold on !

I wonder if this CD version contains official updates as well… If someone can tell me in the comments, it would be appreciated.

(On a sidenote, I’ve decided to create a new blog for my french posts, so this blog will now be pure english. I’ll write a new article about it when I’ve moved all my french posts to this new blog)


2 Responses to “Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring CDs nearly out”

  1. AdamW Says:

    No, no official updates. And apparently we don’t have Free images either, Anne originally told me we did but that turned out to be a mistake. Only the PWP ones. Sorry 😦

  2. DougR Says:

    An effort to get the Free Edition CD ISOs reintroduced for 2008.

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