What’s new in Mandriva 2008.0 ?

Adam has just wrote an excellent description of what could become the upcoming Mandriva Linux 2008.0 (planned for October, this year). Go read it !

Adam vient just d’écrire une excellente description (en anglais) de ce que pourrait devenir la prochaine version de Mandriva Linux : 2008.0 (prévue pour octobre, cette année). À lire de toute urgence !

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3 Responses to “What’s new in Mandriva 2008.0 ?”

  1. AdamW Says:

    aargh, i said it wasn’t finished yet! i just hope none of the news sites read your blog 😦

    if any of you do, guys, please don’t link this yet. I will send out a story about it once I’m done.

  2. yoho Says:

    Well, then just put a “this is work in progress” on the top of the wiki page. It’s on a public wiki, it’s not as if it was hidden somewhere. Some news site are subscribed to cooker, you know…

  3. AdamW Says:

    well, my cooker post said it wasn’t done.

    it’s finished now, btw, and i am busy spamming every news site in existence…

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