So let’s blog and use my new little kblogger applet I’ve just built on my system (by the way, the package is outdated on cooker, I should tell them)
I’ve just found two interesting features for konqueror in less than 2 seconds… Both of them are really trivial and may be implemented in other browsers as well, but it shows how you can discover features using your brain đŸ˜‰ (well my neuron, should I say)
Feature #1
You can split your display, you probably already know. But you can use this split display to navigate both on a download site (http) and on your disk and copy/paste files from the first one to the second one… I’ve never realized I could have used konqueror like this…
Feature #2
You can right click on a link and ask it to open in a new tab. But it’s the first time I use it the other way around : you can force a window which should open in a new tab or a new window to stay in your current window and tab.

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  1. kollum Says:

    Feature #1 is what made me look at konqueror rather than firefox when I tried to connect to a ssh acount trought the internet. just drag n drop, don’t even notice if files are local or networked, that rules.

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