FOSDEM (Sunday)

So I was at FOSDEM on Sunday.

I saw quite interesting presentations compared to Saturday.

Sorry Frederic, but I missed most of your presentation, it was way to early for me 🙂 However, I saw quite a lot of people were interested in Metisse : I went back to the cross-platform room several times and definitely your presentation had the biggest crowd of them.

I stayed for the “Strigi internals” presentation which was definitely the best I’ve seen during this FOSDEM 2007. Yes, it was a bit technical and my C++ skills are gone since a long time, but the presentation was more about the architecture rather than the code and I was very interested in it : this piece of code is really well designed ! Thanks to this architecture, Strigi is very fast, extensible via plugins, able to parse nested files (pdf inside zip inside email attachements) and lightweight… what do you want more ? I really would like to join development of strigi and see where I can help (maybe nowhere, I’ll see…)

Then, I went to one of the shows of the FOSDEM : the presentation about metasploit exploit construction framework. The guy was really speaking too fast for me, but was incredibly dynamic and I’ve no doubt in his security nor development skills. He showed how to hack a vmware box thanks to a vmware exploit. Well… almost everyone was amazed by this but I already knew metasploit and this is really 0.1% of what this tool is able of (moreover, who wanna hack his own vmware virtual machine ? This exploit can’t be lead against a real machine so it’s a bit non-sense…). However, I enjoyed this presentation much and for ruby fans, wait for metasploit 3.X, you’ll be surprised 🙂

Then, I went to the KDE room to use the Free Wi-Fi connection and read my mail. Yeah, I just enjoyed having a free Wifi connection, so many things are not free anymore these days…

In the afternoon I decided to join people in the hidden Mandriva room. This was first time I saw all of them. I met misc, pterjean, warly, nanar and several others. We spent most of the afternoon discussing packaging policies and Mandriva Club / Users / Contributors. Then, I had to get home at 17:00

I enjoyed very much this Sunday and will probably attend FOSDEM next year.


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