2007, FUD and scoop

2007 is out. Well, you’re probably already aware of it, but for the first time, it is released both for club members and the public at the same time. You can use your favorite protocol to get it : HTTP, FTP or BitTorrent. I prefer the latest solution because it’s blazing fast and reliable, but I know some people have problems with it.

A few days before 2007 went out, distrowatch went into troll and trash talking about Mandriva, but I hope users won’t care. Until now, feedback about the distro is quite positive. I’ll give mine once I get it installed on my laptop.

I hope 2007 will be, by default, as good as my tuned 2006. When I say “tuned” I mean I’ve modified a few configuration files, recompiled a few packages, even edited some perl binaries and created scripts in order to fulfill my needs. I’ll see.

Now the scoop : Warly is planning to abandon the 1 year release cycle to replace it with a shorter one (he’s talking about 4 months). My opinion is that releasing one distro every year doesn’t bring much benefits. In particular I don’t find Mandriva 2007 especially inovative and stable compared to Mandriva 2006. Distrowatch, please if you quote this sentence, also add this one : I said “compared to 2006” which means that 2007 is inovative and stable, but despite the one year relase cycle, differences between 2007 and 2006 are approximately equal to those between 2006 and 2005. And of course, another reason is probably Mandriva disappears from the news websites for almost one year.

2007 est sortie. Bon, vous êtes probablement déjà au courant mais pour la première fois, elle est sortie à la fois pour les membres du club et le public en même temps. Vous pouvez utiliser votre protocole favoris pour l’obtenir : HTTP, FTP ou BitTorrent. Je préfère cette dernière solution parcequ’elle est hyper-rapide et fiable, mais je sais que certaines personnes ont des problèmes avec.

Quelques jours avant que la 2007 sort, Distrowatch s’est empêtré dans le troll et le ‘trash talking’ à propos de Mandriva mais j’espère que les utilisateurs ne s’en soucieront pas. Jusqu’à maintenant, les retours d’utilisateurs sur la distributions sont plutôt positifs. Je donnerais le mien quand je l’aurais installé sur mon laptop.

J’espère que 2007 sera, par défault, aussi bien que ma 2006 customisée. Quand je dis “customisée”, je veux dire que j’ai modifié quelques fichiers de configuration, recompilé quelques paquetages, même édités quelques binaires perl et créé des scripts afin de répondre à mes besoins. Je verrais.

Maintenant le scoop : Warly projette d’abandonner le cycle de sortie d’un an pour le remplacer par un plus court (il parle de 4 mois). Mon opinion est que sortir une distribution chaque année n’apporte pas beaucoup d’avantages. En particulier, je ne trouve pas Mandriva 2007 particulièrement innovante et stable comparée à Mandriva 2006. Distrowatch, s’il-te-plaît, si tu cites cette phrase, ajoute aussi celle-ci : J’ai dit “comparé à 2006” ce qui signifie que la 2007 est innovante et stable mais malgré le cycle de sortie d’un an, les différences entre 2007 et 2006 sont approximativement égales aux différences entre 2006 et 2005. Et bien sûr, une autre raison est probablement que Mandriva disparaît des sites de nouvelles pendant presque un an.


6 Responses to “2007, FUD and scoop”

  1. Who is me Says:

    Keep up with cooker

    Maybe this article will be my first post at planetmandriva. So I would like to introduce myself a little. My name is Funda Wang, a translator/contributor mainly focused on Chinese. All I want is making a distro that satisfy C …

  2. Reinout van Schouwen Says:

    Hm, the first release following a 1-year cycle has just been done and already there is talk of changing the cycle?

  3. Yaaaaaaaar Says:

    I’m sorry but Distrowatch was expressing an opinion based on material facts. It is you that is guilty of bashing them with wild accusations!

  4. MADCAP Says:

    To Yaaaaaaaaar:

    Not really, Distrowatch didnt do proper research before puting it’s opinion across. Like when the first (and only) Mdv guy called “kernel developing idiots” DW said does he mean to say Alan Cox and the rest are idiots. The fact is that guy was cheesed of by the kernel developers for doin development work on the current branch… (there’s no 2.7.x branch for three years)… so everytime they change the API, it breaks backwards compatibility. Alan Cox and Andrew Morton have raised their voices against it and both are pretty old-timers with the kernel team — even they’re not happy. Go figure!!

    Secondly, the other guy is an outside contributor and not paid by Mandriva, DW said he’s a Mdv developer — theres a difference. I’m sorry when u run a news site, please get ur facts right.

    Having said that, I’m a big fan of Distrowatch too, but that doesn’t mean they can get away with whatever they do. And no, if u cater to the mass as a news site, then u gotta do proper research than just go about expressing ur opinion. It’s not a blog, otherwise I become as worth as Ladislav with my shitty blog too.

  5. MADCAP Says:

    -edit- It’s not a blog, otherwise I become as worthy* as Ladislav with my shitty blog too.

  6. MADCAP Says:

    To Yaaaaaar again: If you read this week’s take on Mdv, it’s much, much more balanced. That’s exactly how a professional news site reports stuff.

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