One of the most annoying problems with skype was that you couldn’t play music while using it nor produce any sound because the sound card was exclusively dedicated to it. But according to this blog, skype has now switched to the alsa sound system which will resolve this bug ! The only problem now is that the program is still closed-source… ūüė¶

Un des probl√®mes les plus emb√™tants avec skype √©tait que l’on ne pouvait pas jouer de la musique ou produire le moindre son pendant l’utilisation car la carte son √©tait exclusivement d√©di√©e √† lui. Mais selon ce blog, skype a maintenant migr√© vers le syst√®me de son alsa ce qui r√©sout ce bug ! Le seul probl√®me maintenant est que le programme est toujours en source ferm√©e… ūüė¶


2 Responses to “Skype”

  1. freechelmi Says:

    the main problem is not that it is closed source , but it is that it use a propritary protocol like msn , gizmo is using SIP and then should be more supported by mandriva for example

  2. yoho Says:

    You’re right. I was mainly speaking about the issue everyone had with the software itself but didn’t really pay attention to my last sentence.

    Unfortunately, skype is used by a lot more people than ekiga, gizmo, wengophone, etc… so I think it is necessary to support every kind of solution, not just one or two. So supporting Skype (as well) sounds a good idea.

    Finally, If you have bugs with gizmo, you can always report them to Mandriva qa and have them corrected which is not the case with Skype.

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